2U symbolises Brighsun gives its value ‘to you’. 2U Chat platform featuring translation functions. All 2U user accounts, big data collection & distribution and international server deployment which compliant with related data and user privacy legislations of each country.

2U App is a smart communication app with streamlined translation functions to remove language barriers between human-to-human, human-to-object and object-to-object communications. The development team believes the world without language problems would have high productivity at work, more harmony in lifestyle and less conflict.

On top of instant messaging functions, the app integrates a language switch to user’s mother tongue. When switched on, all incoming messages will be automatically translated to user defined language. Content can be translated includes text, text on image, video by adding subtitles or speech voice over, voice and video calls by text-to-speech or speech voice over technologies.

When the translation function is fully developed. The app easily be used as the go-to app international business communication and socialising with foreign contacts.

Social Features

Users are able to publish short posts, articles and maintain a personal or professional blog under their profile and share it in their network. For users that has foreign connections, they will be able to consume the content in translated language. Therefore, the social experience can be greatly enhanced, and it enables users to establish social network internationally.

In-App International F2C Shopping

2U App brings in all manufacturer’s authentic product directly to its users and plays the role of authenticator. This feature allows 2U user as retail consumers to purchase products internationally with product detail displayed in the buyer’s own local language. see more in 2U Extended Applications.

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a New Way of Communication

Integrated language translation features to instant messaging

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