Li-S & The Future of Electrical Vehicle

“Commercial opportunities for lithium–sulfur (Li–S) are enormous – the lithium ion (Li ion) “family” of technologies, undoubtedly the dominant performance battery technology over the last decade, has forecasted sales of around $100 billion per annum for 2025. As the performance characteristics of Li–S have been increasingly demonstrated and harnessed over the last decade, this had led to significant investment in Li–S to exploit the commercial potential into this enormous market.”

– Mark Wild & Gregory J. Offer, 2019


2U Smart Ecosystem builds on 5G or future high speed internet using new energy technologies as a fulcrum point leveraged by the business operation of 2U smart social network, extended applications and its big data, which will allow 2U users to share profit and also contribute to the common causes of green, peace and charity.

The project comprises innovative technologies, 2U chat platform, and extensive applications. There are three components. Brighsun New Energy has developed a low internal resistance lithium iron phosphate vehicle power battery. Our innovation secured the Guinness World Record end 2015 for “Greatest distance travelled by an Electric Bus (non-solar) on a single electric charge of 1,018 km”. Recently, a new battery using a core material of high energy density lithium sulphur (Li-S) has been successfully developed in the second half of 2019, and industrialisation has been undertaken in Jan 2021. Currently the battery development is final stage of industrialisation. Brighsun plans to use it in electric vehicles, for wireless communication, aerospace and marine engineering, mobile machinery, artificial intelligence etc. in the near future so as to make a significant contribution to reducing pollution and helping combat climate change.

In order to share the benefit of our social platform and technology development to all the participants who want to play a part to change the destiny of planet earth, we developed 2U smart communication platform. This platform is free of charge and open to all users who wish to join. It is the entry point to all our 2U projects. All you have to do is to install our 2U App, share it and use it amongst your friends - then you automatically gain 2U shareholding and become a 2U owner. In our 2U platform you can enjoy the social network function that you are familiar with and you can also communicate with people who speak other languages, you can communicate with artificial intelligence machines which will give you a science fiction type of experience in your life.

All participants using the 2U platform can access different services and enjoy different consumer experiences. Users can participate in 2U commercial activities without any investment and everyone can enjoy some income derived from their business activities. Extensive 2U applications run by third parties will be gradually introduced. These applications include shopping, access to services, recreation, remote control of machines etc. We give our users on these applications an opportunity to create a new business venture, work possibilities and to provide F2C (factory to consumer) business services. Our 2U team has the responsibility to protect users’ interests as the highest priority, to provide efficient value for money and services, to refuse take on of fake products, to refuse take on of bad services and to give users the best consumer experience that they have ever had.

We will put together these three components, to give you a suitable business venture environment to meet your needs, no matter what age you are, whether you work full time or part time, you can always find an entry point to start with. We are waiting for you to join us to become a member of our 2U family, after which we can provide services to you (2U). Based on principles of joint-creation, resource-sharing and a win-win policy, we have decentralised the process, profit and management of our 2U operation. All participants are co-owners and share in our platform. We do not discriminate on the basis of language, colour, race, ideology, religion or income - everybody is equal. Let individual’s benevolence contributes to form greater philanthropy that will make all our lives brighter and splendid.

Let’s join together and work hard to build 2U as we would in our own home, to contribute our effort to improving planet earth upon which we rely for a greener, peaceful and charitable future.

2U Team


Greatest distance by electric bus,
single charge (non-solar).

The greatest distance by electric bus, single charge (non solar) is 1,018 km (632.55 miles) and was achieved by Brighsun EV Group (Australia) in Melbourne, Australia from 14 to 15 November 2015.